Monday, February 27, 2012


Most people know I have a liking for prisons.  My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.  I'm fascinated by how they work.  The social situations that happen there.  How they physically work. 

I have been seeing my life as a prison in a way.  I'm limited to what I can and cannot do.  How people view or look at me.  I'm a young widow.  I'm on my own.  I don't have a boyfriend/fiance/husband at my side.  I'm not saying my life is horrible and I wear the prison blues.  I do get three squares a day, get limited outdoor activity, work my tail off every day and rarely get to see friends.  Ok. That was kind of funny.

Prison blues at Alcatraz

My life is good.  But limited.

I'm traveling for work a lot lately.  2 trips to San Fran in 2 months.  I'll be out there again in 3 weeks.  My parents have Olivia all week.  That's a lot for them to take care of her every day and every night.  But this time I have in San Fran has been good to me.  It's a lot of hard work before I even get out there.  Then when I'm there, it's long days every day.  The travel isn't easy and I'm usually super tired all week.  But it's been worth it.  I miss Olivia like crazy out there, but I'm so excited when I get to see her. 

Olivia's message to me while I was gone.

Olivia and Grandma building her first snowman

Olivia's first time in the snow.