Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time

Well, I think the nice weather is finally  here...So it's summer time!

We have been quite busy so far.  I like to keep busy and don't like sitting around, so I drag Olivia with me everywhere! Last weekend was the kick-off to summer with Walleye Weekend.  I always enjoy going there.  We have so much fun with the kids, see tons of friends and get to watch the races.  This year, I did not drag my fat butt out to run the 2 mile.  I almost died last year, so I wasn't going to try again.  Olivia ran the 1/3 mile again this year and only cried part of the way instead of the whole way.  I'm hoping next year there won't be any crying.  We spent the weekend with Tammy, Jerry and the kids.  Had a blast!

Olivia last year at the race

Kate and Olivia this year.

Stretching before the race

With Grace for her first ride on the Whip!