Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time

Well, I think the nice weather is finally  here...So it's summer time!

We have been quite busy so far.  I like to keep busy and don't like sitting around, so I drag Olivia with me everywhere! Last weekend was the kick-off to summer with Walleye Weekend.  I always enjoy going there.  We have so much fun with the kids, see tons of friends and get to watch the races.  This year, I did not drag my fat butt out to run the 2 mile.  I almost died last year, so I wasn't going to try again.  Olivia ran the 1/3 mile again this year and only cried part of the way instead of the whole way.  I'm hoping next year there won't be any crying.  We spent the weekend with Tammy, Jerry and the kids.  Had a blast!

Olivia last year at the race

Kate and Olivia this year.

Stretching before the race

With Grace for her first ride on the Whip!

I also had a night away recently with two great friends, Gail and Kristeen.  We always have so much fun together.  It was great to have a day away, no kids.  We definitely enjoyed ourselves!
We are getting settled in the house.  I've done some painting, did all the landscaping in the yard and next is remodeling the bathroom.  It's pretty old and have some plumbing issues that I need to take care of.  I'm excited to see what becomes of it!

Olivia is now 2 1/2.  It's crazy how time flies.  It's awesome having full out conversations with her.  When she gets mad, she tells me, "Walk away Mom!"  She's very polite.  No more Na-Na (Nuk) as of a few months ago.  She can almost get dressed by herself.  She loves her fruits and veggies still.  She will usually try and eat my food, which is great she tries anything.  She loves playing with older kids, especially her cousins, which she gets to see almost once a week.  Her and cousin Kate (6 months older) have become best buddies.  It's so great to see them play together.  She was in beginner gymnastics for 6 weeks and had a blast.  She was also really good on her first vacation out of WI.  We went to San Antonio for a few days of crummy weather.  She had fun and got to go on a plane.  Next time I need to go somewhere where it's guaranteed nice weather.

I've been at Moraine Park Technical College in the HR department for over a year now.  I still love it and I'm still learning.  I'm very excited what I was able to accomplish there in year and looking forward to more!  I go full-time July 1st.  I'm 82% now, so it's not all that different.  Basically no more 4 day weeks.  That will be I hired a cleaning lady to come 2x a month.  Very excited for that.  When I get home at night, I'd like to spend time with Olivia and not cleaning my house constantly.  This will help.  Now if I could just find someone to mow my lawn, get my groceries and do my laundry, I'd be all set!  It's hard to fit everything that needs to get done in a week.  Plus, I like to try and work out every now and then.

Dating.  No update here.  I can't get a date if my life depended on it.  Just haven't found the right guy out there I guess.  I've been getting used to being on my own for almost 3 years, but it gets lonely to not be able to share things with someone else besides a 2 year old.

Next weekend is my 20 year High School Class Reunion.  Yes.  I'm that old.  Enough said.  I'm REALLY looking forward to spending time with my old friends I don't see that often.  I can't wait!

I'll leave you with some pictures, because this post is really boring.


Silly glasses

Best buds doing gymnastics and dancing

Uncle Shawn and O playing guitar

Cousin Payton and Olivia


Cousins watching Rachel's jump rope performance

At Kate's 3rd birthday

Before I left for my work trip.


New big wheel!

First time riding a pony named, Princess. She didn't want to get off!

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